Wake up Frankie’s Debut Album Thrashrockin’ Beats Released on 8 September — New Single ’Killbeat’ Dropping April 14th

We are excited to announce that Wake up Frankie’s debut album is coming your way right after the summer! The album goes by the name of ’Thrashrockin’ Beats’ and delivers a compilation of head-banging tunes to soundtrack your life’s shenanigans on September 8th. 

The past year the band has been working relentlessly on the album and joined forces with the producers Joonas Parkkonen and Rami Nykänen to bring the Wake up Frankie signature mix of thrashrock to the maximum level – and the mix is wild: 

”We see ’Thrashrockin’ Beats’ as a bastard child of Slipknot, Children of Bodom, Pantera and…. let’s say Guns N’ Roses, produced by today’s standards and topped with the early 2000’s soundworld. It’s all about heavy and pounding riffs mixed with the Bodom-style metal punk attitude mixed with the 80’s structures and sing-along melodies”, the band comments.

How does that sound – music to your years?

While waiting for the album, check out the already released singles RATATATA and Drop Dead, and get ready to join the dance on the KILLBEAT on 14 April!