Ranka Kustannus (Ranka) is an independent record and publishing company established in 2013 by Riku Pääkkönen, the founder of the legendary metal and rock label Spinefarm Records, which put Finnish metal music on the map in the late 90s with bands like Nightwish and Children of Bodom. While Ranka’s artist roster is also more on the heavier side – including bands like Arion, Cyan Kicks, DIRT and Shiraz Lane – interesting music for Ranka is not limited to those genres of rock and metal. Over the years the label has worked with pop, electronic and folk artists, and will continue to keep an eye on all music. This is, in fact, an essential part of Ranka’s mission: to discover good music and talented artists that stand out no matter the genre and to take it all to the next level – from good to great – and actively introduce new talent to the industry, both locally and internationally. The label pursues this modest undertaking with a gutsy, no-bs attitude operating always with great ambition. The latest go-big-or-go-home projects have been Cyan Kicks’s success at UMK – Finnish New Music Contest 2022 that kickstarted the band’s journey to touring in Europe with Sunrise Avenue, and of course the metalcore band Blind Channel’s introduction to the international music market through representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and getting the chance to perform to millions of people worldwide. Now the band is actively touring in Europe and the US having sold-out shows all over. Success stories like these are sure to follow with Ranka’s thirst for action.

Stay tuned!