Enemies everywhere

Hailing from Finland’s capital-city area, Enemies Everywhere delivers a uniquely fresh take on Finnish deathcore. Enemies Everywhere is on a mission to utilize the very best elements of hard-hitting deathcore, while bringing in their own blend of rhythmic breakdowns, huge choruses and symphonic arrangements. 

Enemies Everywhere, formed by Otso Saano, Jonatan Utriainen and Veikka Laru in early 2022, swiftly found a modicum of success with their first releases, with the number of listeners and streams quickly reaching the tens of thousands. The band’s second single, ”Raise Hell” and its accompanying music video were well received by the metal community. 

The band continues to evolve their sound and experiment with a variety of musical frontiers. The band’s first label release, ”God of Pain” is the pinnacle of Enemies Everywhere thus far. It is a testament to band’s musical capabilities and willingness to evolve. Combining fast-paced, groovy double bass beats with brutal breakdowns, inspiring guitar leads, and inhuman vocals, ”God of Pain” is but the first taste of the band’s debut EP.


Jonatan Utriainen – Vocals
Otso Saano – Guitar
Veikka Laru – Drums





press photos

Photos by Teemu Myöhänen