Cyan Kicks taking part in UMK 2024 – Dancing with demons out now


The band will compete with the song Dancing With Demons for the role of Finland’s Eurovision representative in the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) competition for new music once more. The band took part in the competition in 2022 ranking on the second place. 

“We have unfinished business from last time – and we’re not quitters. We have a tremendous amount of fighting spirit left! Returning to the UMK stage feels very natural for us. We will deliver an explosive, fantastic show at an international level,” the group says of their second shot. 

Participation in the 2022 UMK competition permanently changed the band. The members say it opened many doors for them, and their creative work has strengthened. With UMK, Susanna’s stage fright also dissipated. Since then, the group has embarked on several international tours, supporting bands including Sunrise Avenue and Smash Into Pieces in Europe, and conducting their own album release tour in Germany. 

The song for this year’s UMK competition Dancing With Demons is the result of extensive work and took its final form at the legendary RAK Studios in London with the assistance of the renowned British producer and songwriter Dan Lancaster, also known as a touring member of Muse. It deals with turning one’s internal struggles into a source of empowerment.

“Everyone has their own weaknesses and things we’re ashamed of and don’t want others to see. The idea came to us: what if people could turn their inner demons to their advantage, what would happen then?”

Stream the song and check out the visually striking music video now, and get ready to cheer Cyan Kicks for Finland’s next Eurovision representative 🇫🇮


Music & Lyrics by Niila Perkkiö, Susanna Alexandra, Sara Ryan, Elize Ryd & Dan Lancaster
Produced by Dan Lancaster & Niila Perkkiö
Mixed by Dan Lancaster
Mastered by Henkka Niemistö

Photo: Nelli Kenttä / YLE

The UMK winner and Finland’s next Eurovision Song Contest representative will be chosen at the UMK24 event at the Nokia Arena in Tampere on 10 February. UMK will be broadcast live on the Yle TV1 television channel, the Yle Areena streaming service, and Yle radio channels from 9 pm to 11 pm. The winner will be jointly chosen by TV viewers and the international UMK jury. Further information: