Sofia St. Jean

From the words they select to the notes and chords they play, the New York-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and engineer Sofia St. Jean has dedicated the greater part of their life to mastering the art form of songwriting.  

Sofia grew up in the suburbs of Clarksburg, Maryland, where they would begin producing music in their early teens. As an individual with eclectic taste and an open mind, they immersed themselves in music from all over the world. They attributes this to their Haitian heritage and has always felt at home in a variety of genres. Self-dubbed as ‘wavy music’, Sofia goes with the flow and lets their intuition guide them when creating a song. Above all, their goal with the music is to evoke and awaken the deepest, rawest emotions buried inside; often touching on themes of finding peace and introspection. For Sofia, music is more than what meets the ears. It’s a safe space and a vehicle for spreading positivity and helping those who need it. It’s their truest form of expression and their oldest friend. 

A sound that feels undeniably special, Sofia St. Jean’s emotive voice is a celestial delight combining R&B, indie and Haitian sensibilities – a tone that feels both new and old at the same time in the best way possible.  


Sofia St. Jean – Guitar 

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