After Finland’s highly popular metal mongers Machine Men called it quits in 2011 vocalist Antony Parviainen and guitarist J-V Hintikka broke out with Psychework’s vastly impressive and charting debut album The Dragon’s Year, the singer’s personal and touching account about his battle with leukemia and a close encounter with death. Deeply vested in his life turning inside out, change of values, and ponderings on life and death, it was a debut album for the ages.  

With their sophomore effort, Karelian Hills – another melancholic epic – this time a concept album about the Continuation War (1941–44) the band raised the stakes and made it clear that they would never be your regular fast food metal.  

Storytellers of the highest order, Psychework is thinking man’s metal in every sense of the concept. Sometimes introverted yet always insightful, their lyrics are food for thought. To perfectly compliment the lyrics, the band has found its personal style and musical niche to stage the stories. Nothing short of unforgettable, Psychework caters to us melodically strong, dark, and progressive heavy metal with impressive orchestrations, impeccable musical chops, and an undeniable flair for the dramatic. Treading similar landscapes as the greats such as Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, and Evergrey, Psychework have taken their time to build a sound that leaves a lasting impression.  


Antony Parviainen – Vocals 
J-V Hintikka – Guitar  
Juha Takanen – Guitar 
Otto Närhi – Keys 
Konsta Vehkala – Drums 
Ville Koskinen – Bass 


Spark of Hope 2023
Karelian Hills 2018
The Dragon’s Year 2016 


Master Events
Kari Penttinen


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Photos by Sam Jämsen