Fear of Domination

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads…” – Revelation 13:1 – 

A masked, twisted industrial metal freak septet Fear Of Domination (FOD) is the stuff of nightmares. FOD was founded in Finland in 2006 by vocalist Saku Solin and guitar player Jan-Erik Kari. From then on, the band has built layer upon layer on their solid sound, style, and unforgettable stage presence.

Having done the entire local contests and events scene in their early years, the band refined their game for years before their debut album Call of Schizophrenia (2009), presenting a young band with punchy melodic metal iced with distorted vocals, and occasional grunts, and punctuated with a mix of elegant female vocal parts and pulsating electronica. 

Sophomore long-player Create.Control.Exterminate dropped in 2011, and awoke the interest of media both domestic and international. Small tours followed, and FOD found themselves a management and booking agency to help them further down the path of professionalism. 

2014’s Distorted Delusions saw the band invest more in their show with UV-lights, pyros, and other theatrical elements, and in the fall of the same year, FOD finally embarked on its 1st European tour.  

Fuelled by the entire European experience and graced with orchestrations and rhythmic electronics combined with huge metal band sound, the dark 4th album Atlas was released mid-2016.  

Their recipe of violent industrial assault took them far enough but it took up until 2017 and the addition of Sara – a she-demon on stage and the champion of bipolar singing – for the band to truly hit their stride. December 2017 saw the addition of another member, percussionist/one-man-riot Miikki Kunttu, whose unhinged off-the-wall energy took the band’s stage presence another step further.  

FOD released their fifth album Metanoia in May 2018 via Ranka Kustannus in Finland and Out of Line Music internationally.  


Saku Solin – Vocals
Sara Strömmer – Vocals (until 2021)
Jessica Salmi – Vocals (from 2021)
Johannes Niemi – Guitar
Jan-Erik Kari – Guitar
Lauri Ojanen – Bass
Lasse Raelahti – Keyboards, Percussions
Miikki Kuntti – Drums, Percussions


Metanoia 2018
Atlas 2016  
Distorted Delusions 2014 
Create.Control.Exterminate. 2011 
Call of Schizophrenia 2009 


Nem Agency
Rowan Rafferty
+358 50 585 7300

press photos

Photos by Elsa Wellamo