cyan kicks

Helsinki, Finland based alternative rock band Cyan Kicks, fronted by singer Susanna Aleksandra combines electronic sounds and pop hooks with modern rock music.  

Cyan Kicks has been in operation since 2016, plays energetic electronic alternative rock in the vein of PVRIS and CHVRCHES with a touch of northern melancholia. Cyan Kicks signed with Ranka Kustannus in June of 2017, and their 1st single Feathers was released in July 2017. 

Susanna Alexandra’s emotive vocals soar clear and tempered, frail and heartfelt, and the tight interplay of authentic bass and drums with tasteful electronic effects and breakbeats provide a driving pulse and a dramatic ebb and flow dynamic that keeps the listeners on the edges of their seats. The band blends momentous hard rock anthems with a touch of electronica and has a penchant for hit choruses and visually top-notch videos.  

The band carefully honed their craft to perfection with seven successive singles before dropping their soul-crushing all killer, no filler debut album I Don’t Love You in August of 2019 – and got deservedly nominated for an Emma award (the equivalent of a Finnish GRAMMY™) in the Best Rock Album category at the end of the year. 

And it’s not like their standards are lowering: they’ve kept on dropping high-quality material with stunning consistency with their 2021 EP Not Your Kind, and their co-operation on the Arion single In the Name Of Love. 


Susanna Aleksandra – Vocals 
Niila Perkkiö – Guitar 
Leevi Erkkilä – Bass, Backing Vocals 
Pietari Reijonen – Drums 


Not Your Kind EP 2021 
I Don’t Love You 2019 


CoMusic Management 


Matti Kaunisvesi
+358 40 351 8848

Contra Promotion
Hendrik Czaster


press photos

Photos by Nea Ahtiainen