Block of flats

Block of Flats is a Helsinki-based alt-rock band that makes passionate and charismatic modern-day rock. Their vision is to bring boldly together musical elements from different genres creating the BoF blend of melodic pop choruses, imaginative arrangements and electronic sounds topped with the attitude and energy of rock and punk music. 

The band’s debut EP ’Flashbacks & Memories’ (2020) was widely noticed in the Finnish media and the single “Nothing Is Gonna Be OK” was set up on multiple international playlists on Spotify and other streaming services. They are currently working on their debut album which will be released in 2023. 


Jonne Nikkilä – Vocals
Jesse Kataja – Guitar
Kauri Koponen – Bass
Ossi Ågren – Drums


No Hope For The Hopeless 2023
Flashback & Memories EP 2020


Katja Vauhkonen


Fullsteam Agency
Maija Kaarna

press photos

Photos by Aapo Mattsson