Beyond Awareness

With their unique vision, Beyond Awareness is constructing a recipe for today’s modern metalcore that gathers listeners from all subgenres of heavy metal. 

Beyond Awareness brings together the musical backgrounds and strengths of four metalheads from Tampere. The band was founded in 2019 from the urge to find their own metalcore sound and with an ambitious goal in mind: taking the Finnish metalcore scene out into the world and sharing the stage with the biggest international names in the genre. The band’s musical influences come mostly from metal, but their music also applies many elements from pop and electronic music, which all add up to the distinctive BA-sound.  

The band’s latest singles Burn, Resonance and Pyrochemical have gotten a very positive response in the Finnish metal scene and they all have been added to Spotify’s most popular metal playlists. At the moment Beyond Awareness is working on their debut album which will be released through Ranka Kustannus.  



Miika Huhtala – Guitar & Songwriting 
Jere Tarkkanen – Vocals & Lyrics 
Joonas Paahtio – Drums 
Jani Järvinen – Bass 

press photos

Photos by Pekka Keränen