Altamullan road

Altamullan Road is a cinematic dream pop duo consisting of singer-songwriters Johanna Kurkela and Johanna Iivanainen – conjoined sisters connected by their souls and musicality.  

Two unbound musical minds and magical voices in effortless symbiosis both musical and philosophic, these remarkable artists create soothing and dreamy pop with strangely dark tinges and sometimes even saturnine undercurrents. Minimalistic soundscapes and momentous melodies – simple pieces of music written out of the complexity of human emotions made in the corners of the mind where optimism and wistfulness intertwine, and sorrow and hope become one.  

Mystical, adventurous, and uplifting, Altamullan Road’s music is nothing short of enchanting. 

Altamullan Road is the sound of love and letting go, the voice of larks, poets, and scallywags. It is the silent wail of celestial angels tasting the darkness, the grief of waning memories, and the faint flickering of candles in the dark. 

Altamullan Road is cinematic dream pop. 


Johanna Kurkela – Vocals, Violins, Keyboards 
Johanna Iivanainen – Vocals 
Marko Timonen – Drums, Percussions 
Mikko Iivanainen – Guitars 


Altamullan Road 2020 

press photos

Photos by Ville Juurikkala