Ranka Welcomes Enemies Everywhere to the Roster – Single GOD OF PAIN out 26 Jan 2024

We are extremely stoked to welcome the three-piece deathcore group ENEMIES EVERYWHERE to our roster. The band, formed by Otso Saano, Jonatan Utriainen and Veikka Laru in early 2022, delivers a uniquely fresh take on Finnish deathcore. Enemies Everywhere’s music is all about utilizing the very best elements of hard-hitting deathcore, while bringing in their own blend of rhythmic breakdowns, huge choruses and symphonic arrangements. Despite the young age, the band has swiftly found a modicum of success with their first releases like ’Raise Hell’ and ’Dead March’, with the number of listeners and streams quickly reaching the tens of thousands. 

For Ranka Enemies Everywhere is an anticipated addition to the metal roster: 

”Deathcore has become one of the most followed genres in the metal scene all over and it’s about time Finland joins the action with the band that easily meets the international standards of the genre. Enemies Everywhere is by far the most interesting and promising Finnish deathcore group with an exceptionally convincing vocalist. We are highly curious to see how the band will be greeted.”

The band is also ready to take the next step: 

”We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Ranka Kustannus, the foremost record label in the Finnish metal scene. Fueled by this opportunity, we aim to bring Finnish deathcore to the masses.”

The first taste of the partnership will available soon: the single ’God of Pain’ will be dropping this Friday, 26 January. The band will also have their debut shows in February, first in Kadotus Metal Meeting in Jyväskylä and the following week in Helsinki. Check out the upcoming shows below and get ready for the most insane vocals and breakdowns the Finnish deathcore scene has ever seen!

Upcoming shows
17 Feb 2024 Kadotus Metal Meeting, Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FI)
22 Feb 2024 Semifinal, Helsinki (FI)

Enemies Everywhere is
Jonatan Utriainen – Vocals
Otso Saano – Guitar
Veikka Laru – Drums

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