Finnish melodic swamp metal masters Kalmah took their first steps back in 1991. Lots of dark water passed in Finnish rivers until the demo era resulted in a debut album, Swamplord (2000). Ever since, the band has always delivered melodic metal in a recognizable Kalmah way: aggressive, melodic, and metallic.
After They Will Return (2002) and Swampsong (2003), Kalmah released a certain milestone The Black Waltz (2006), starting a new era in the band’s history. The Black Waltz hit Finnish charts and the message of swamp metal was spread all over the world in an unstoppable way. The Black Waltz was soon followed by For the Revolution (2008) and 12 Gauge (2010). Those albums truly
solidified Kalmah’s name in the ears of metalheads.

Seventh Swamphony (2013) was yet again a landmark time for Kalmah. Inspiration forced the bar higher than before, and with solid arrangements from the band itself as usual, the members dug their faces even deeper in the turf of Finnish swamps. After Swamphony, the band toured all over the world in the signature Kalmah-way and shoveled on European festival map.

After a long wait of five years, the fans were fascinated with Palo, a simply uncompromising and versatile swamp metal album. At the same time, the band reached an honorable 20 years age.  Melodic metal from the north of Finland was spread all over with touring from North and South America, all the way to Australia, Japan and China.

And here we are with a self-titled album five years later, representing the band stronger than ever. Kalmah is proud and thankful to present you with an album that is swamp metal at its finest; it will signify the end of something but yet unknown.

Pekka Kokko – Vocals, Guitar
Antti Kokko – Guitar
Timo Lehtinen – Bass
Veli-Matti Kananen – Keyboard
Janne Kusmin – Drums


Kalmah 2023
Palo 2018
Seventh Swamphony 2013
12 Gauge 2010
For the Revolution 2008
The Black Waltz 2006
Swampsong 2003
They Will Return 2002
Swamplord 2000


Rauli Alaruikka
+358 40 507 8769

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Photos by Mika Vallineva